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Explore what activities are available in detail:  

Age 2 – 6  
++ The Playroom: our playroom for young children - situated in the main hotel second floor and open daily  
++ Babysitting is available at a charge. Make a reservation at least 24 hours prior to arrival  

Age 6 – 12  
++ Video Game room  
++ TV / Cartoons at our big screen TV room 
++ Tennis
++ Table Tennis
++ Billiards
++ Swimming pool
++ Horseback riding (in Troodos during summer)
++ Other activities provided by the local community  

Seasonal Activity - Holiday Programmes
The range of kids' activities change according to seasons; to ensure whenever you visit the area, there is always a new escapade for the children to enjoy seasonal planned activities such as:  
++ Tea parties and picnics  
++ Planned complimentary activities which cover peak times  

Some activities are subject to charge without prior notice.