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Our hotel is situated at the beautiful village of Pano Platres, which offers to the visitors a big variety of activities whatever the season to choose from. Platres became from the early days well known, due to the hospitality and resort facilities, mostly due to big hotels of the area such as the Forest Park Hotel, Grand Hotel, New Helvetia, Semiramis and othered which offered conveniences such as those offered at those days in Europe.

A visitor of the area can stroll to the famous waterfalls of Caledonia (located north west of our hotel) or visit the recently discovered Millomeris waterfalls (located south west of our hotel). Both trails to the waterfalls are well sign posted and there are also some benches for the visitors to rest. Suitable for all ages.

From various locations of the village, small forest trails start and some end up in picnic sites or hidden medieval bridges which are located around the village.

The village of Platres has always attracted visitors from all over the world and some of them fell so much in love with the area that they built their country homes which can be seen even today. This makes Platres another unique attraction for those interested in architecture. An Architectural mosaic trail is in process, which by the sign posts, will provide useful information.

Due to the wonderful climate Platres was considered as the resort of the poets and kings. Amongst others, King Farouk of Egypt, Princess Royal Mary of England, Indira Ghadni of India as well as Nobel Prize author George Seferis and many others.

Platres did not only have visitors who fell in love for holidaying but it is now the home of a unique business, the Platres Chocolate Workshop. A must during your visit to Platres, providing unique chocolates which will always leave a sweet taste of Platres.

In an effort to rejuvenate the past glories of the area, the Old Market has recently reopened its doors to a modern culture center that hosts exhibitions, culture events and is officially the home of the exhibition of Nobel price author George Seferis that made Platres world famous with his poem Eleni.

Last but not least, at the southern part of the village from our hotel, you can find the new Sports Center, with a football field, tennis, basketball, volley and mini football courts.  Due to the ideal climatic weather conditions of Platres and the high altitude, the sports center recently has been visited by many local and foreign teams for training. Near the courts which everybody is welcome to use at a small fee, there is a cafeteria and also a station of mountain bikes and a downhill bike race track through the forest. The racing and walking track ends up in a lovely bridge (Milia Bridge).

Guests visiting the area, can enjoy the local hospitality as well as traditional Cypriot cuisine. If you have a sweet tooth, then why not try our local honey balls (loukoumades) which in most of the time are being prepared in front of your eyes.

Platres is the most renowned mountain summer resort of Cyprus. It is situated on the southern slopes of Troodos only 35 minutes’ drive from Limassol.