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The Forest Park Hotel was founded by George. H. Skyrianides. The construction started in 1932 in Pano Platres with architecture plans by Samuel Barkai, supervised by Civil Engineer Benzian Ginsburg and officially opened in July 1936.

The hotel stands amidst its own forest and gardens. It was then the only hotel in Cyprus able to cater for its clients with international standards such as individual bathrooms, large Ballroom, Dinning Rooms, Bar, Library, Lounge, Billiards room, Tennis court and its own power generator.

It was in a position to cater for the discerning clients and royalties of the time. Originally the hotel had 70 bedrooms and then between 1946 and 1948 a further 30 wereadded, totalling 100 rooms. At the time this was a large hotel for Cyprus standards.

During the Second World War the hotel in 1941 – 1943 was commandeered as an Army Hospital. It had a similar fate during the Suez Canal Operation in 1956; when it was taken over to act as Head quarters for the Field Records. In 1960s with the declaration of the Cyprus Republic independence, the hotel was registered, as Forest Park Hotel

In 1962 Hercules Skyrianides enter the company as Assistant Manager. A year later, an outdoor half Olympic size and a small children’s swimming pool were built in the grounds. In 1972 the hotel was made into a limited company by the name of Skyrianides Hotels Ltd. The ownership was then transferred to George Skyrianides Children, Hercules, Anthony and Daphne as the shareholders of the company. Anthony Skyrianides also joined in 1974 as Assistant Manager.

In the early seventies, a third floor was added with ten rooms and major refurbishments were carried out. In the early eighties, six chalet suites were built in the grounds, mainly for the Arab Sheikhs - amongst them the Leaders of Kuwait and Qatar. The hotel underwent major renovations in the late 80's and early 90's.

After refurbishing the existing rooms a new extension of 54 new rooms were built in 1992 and were completed in 1995. The new extension also consists of indoor heated pool, gymnasium, sauna, jacuzzi, hairdressing salon, massage room and a new conference room. The hotel reached the final number of 137 rooms.

The late George H. Skyrianides passed away in June 2001,  at the age of 94. In 2002 the eldest son of Antony Skyrianides, George and in 2005 the youngest son, Marios after finishing their studies of Hospitality Management in Switzerland, joined the hotel both as part of the Management.

During the winter months of 2003, the hotel went through major renovations with a facelift of the public areas and reopened its doors in the March 2004. After the renovations Mr. Hercules, Mr. Anthony Skyrianides and Mrs Dafni Demetriadou, became directors and a new General Manager was appointed, Mr. Vassos Vassiliou.

When the hotel reopened in 2004 more family members like Sofianna and Polina Demetriadou (daughters of Dafni) and Gisselle Skyrianidou (wife of George), joined the hotel to assist in many various positions. The Forest Park Hotel is a family run 4 star hotel and under the personal supervision of the owners, in their fourth generation.